Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 VMAs

Moment of silence.

Okay, this wasn't the worst MTV Video Music Awards but definitely was not the best. During the whole course of the awards my Sidekick was going off like crazy, begging for me to blog about the VMAs so let's get to it.

First and foremost, Britney bailed out last minute and didn't perform. How rude. Millions of people have been waiting on the comeback of Ms. Spears! WAIT!! Besides her not performing, being that she has never won a moonman before, Brit took home three of them tonight! ::HAND CLAP:: I felt like a proud mama watching her child in like a school play or something. Oops! She does it again world.

Russell Brand is funny to me, I do not know about y'all. O was laughing especially about the Jonas Brother's promise rings. It was a joke but some people took it to heart ::cough::Jordin Sparks::cough::. And for the record Mr. Brand, Kanye is pronounced as Khan-yay not CAN-ye. LMAO but we forgive you. He really didn't do such a bad job so kudos to him. Oh and that joke indirectly about R.Kelly peeing on people was funny to me. He was like " I bet a lot of teenage girls are pissed about the comments I said about the Jonas Brothers. So I am sorry I pissed off the little girls. I didn't say pee on them, I heard you get in trouble in this country for doing so." ROTFLMAO

Since Britney didn't open, my girl Rihanna tore it up singing her hit Disturbia as opening act. I do not care what anyone says, RiRi is a bad ass performer! In between the big performances, there were mini performances with the help of Travis Barker from Blink 182 and Nicole Richie's ex, DJ AM which included, Katy Perry, Lupe Fiasco, LL Cool J and many more. The rock band Paramore performed and of course rocked out and so did Pink, who was blowing up and breaking things singing her song So What. My man Weezy acted a damn fool and kept me entertained! (Hell, he had the Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers diggin' him!) He performed with Leona Lewis (amazing!) and T-Pain. And Wayne rapped my boo's Drake verse when he performed "Misunderstood" and then shouted him out! Yay, Drizzy! I am not to clear on his dance moves though, but it doesn't hinder the fact way put on a show. Go Wayne! Also the Jonas Brothers performed a new song called Love Bug which will be there new single. I was really hoping they would have performed Burnin' Up, that is my jam! Also Christina Aguliera performed but I wasn't too thrilled because it didn't seem like the Xtina I am used to seeing perform but she did the damn thing, lip singing. My future ex-husband, T.I. did my song Whatever You Like then did a duet with my "girl crush" Rihanna called Live Your Life (which may be jam of the week this week) and straight killed it because it seems everybody was enjoying that song, especially Chris Brown. Even though he vowed not to perform at the VMAs again, Mr. West did close out the show with a new song and then cursed MTV smooth out.

Reason being why this years show wasn't half as exciting as the older VMAs because from a fans view it looked as if nobody was really enjoying themselves. The crowd looked very small and vacant. MTV should really have stuck to the roots and done the show at Radio City Music Hall in NY like the 2003 Award show, ( I think it was that year) because that was a bad ass show. The award show just seemed it was lacking and personally I haven't enjoyed a MTV Music Award show from beginning to end since the year when Diddy hosted. Hopefully next year, MTV will do some soul searching and get things how they used to be. Like I said it wasn't a horrible show, I just was not entertained.

Oh and for the ABDC competiton for the VMAs, FANNY PAK won!!!!!!


Ricardo said...

Good Job wifey....u alreay know how I felt about the hot mess of a show that came on last night!

Anonymous said...

Yo WTF was up wit britney not opening up with some new shit?? i think its fucked up how they misled us to believe she was gon perform and didnt!!! i didnt think it was half bad tho i was diggin all the different sets they let the different acts perform on it was different from the whole just come out and perform on this stage and be done with it so that was refreshing. paramore in my opinion easily had performance of the night tho!!! mr. brand had his funny moments but hopefully mtv will come to their senses next year and bring chris rock back or someone who can get da crowd hype like a vma crowd should be!! overall i think we can give this vma's a 5 out of 10